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Videos for Electronics Technology

Youtube has a wealth of videos for learning and teaching electricity and electronics. The list below is far from exhaustive. We have selected several that directly support the Challenge software we publish. The materials have not been curated. Many, many additional videos can be found by a topic search at Youtube. 

Links to major contributors to this list are found at the end of this page. You may want to give the contributors a thumbs up or comment if you find their material helpful. 

ETCAI Part#1 DC Challenge Series circuits

ETCAI Part#2 Parallel circuits

ETCAI Part#3 Complex circuits

ETCAI Basic Circuits Challenge Series Problems

ETCAI Ohmmeter Challenge Circuit Tracing Lab 1

ETCAI Digital Challenge Name that Gate 1 and 2

ETCAI Basic Circuits Challenge Parallel circuits

ETCAI Using Basic Circuits Challenge

ETCAI Ohmmeter Challenge Opens and Shorts testing

ETCAI AC Circuits- Transformers

ETCAI Ohm Meter Challenge Troubleshooting

ETCAI Transistor Testing

ETCAI Parallel Circuit Analysis Demonstration

ETCAI Voltmeter Challenge- Circuit Testing 1

ETCAI AC Circuits Challenge- Transformers

ETCAI DC Challenge - Series-Parallel 1

ETCAI Solid State Challenge - Diodes

ETCAI Power Supply Challenge - Half-Wave with Oscilloscope

ETCAI How to AC Challenge - Transformers

ETCAI AC Challenge- Troubleshooting Simple Circuits

ETCAI Basic Challenge - Series-Parallel 1

ETCAI OhmMeter Challenge-Short Cicuits 1

ETCAI Voltmeter Challenge Circuit One

ETCAI AC Circuits Challenge- Voltage Conversions

ETCAI Voltmeter Challenge- Shorts and Opens 1

ETCAI Transistor Challenge CE Amplifier Testing

ETCAI Transistor Challenge Troubleshooting 

ETCAI Voltmeter Challenge Open Circuits

ETCAI Ohm Meter Challenge-Circuit Tracing

ETCAI Volmeter Challenge- Open Circuits 1

ETCAI Transistor Challenge Transistor Testing

ETCAI Basic Circuit Challenge Ohms Law

Here are links to major developers of the videos above. Click the names to go their video lists.

Gary George 

Scott Watson

Kevin Hardy