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Solid State Challenge

Solid-State Challenge consists of twelve activities to assist in teaching basic solid-state circuit concepts and troubleshooting.

Product Summary

Each use of an activity has new component values and parameters assigned.


Student responses are scored and corrected immediately.


Grades can be recorded on diskettes or printed on a certificate.


Activities have context sensitive help to provide formulas and procedures when required.


Realistic visual troubleshooting activities are included in this program.

Unlimited Site License price:   $229.00

Solid State Challenge consists of twelve activities to help you teach basic solid-state circuit concepts and troubleshooting.


Exercise Titles: Basic Diode Testing, Basic Transistor Testing, Common Emitter Amplifiers One (Base Bias), Common Emitter Amplifiers Two( Voltage Divider Bias), Common Emitter Amplifiers Three ( with Emitter Bypass), Common Collector Amplifiers, Common Base Amplifiers, Class B Power Amplifiers One, Class B Power Amplifiers Two, Class B Power Amplifiers Three ( with Darlington connections), Troubleshooting Simple Amplifiers and Troubleshooting Common Emitter Amplifiers


Approximately 3.5 MB of hard drive space is required. 

Personal Use License price:    $24.73

Transistor test circuit including resistors, capacitors, signal generator, voltmeter, and DC power supply.

This graphic image is from the amplifier troubleshooting activity in Solid State Challenge.

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